Monday, September 12, 2022

Week 27- In the Studio

This is a different sort of blogpost as I've downsized my studio and packed it all in a small Tupperware box! Actually just a few items in the box and the rest of the studio is still where I left it!

Tomorrow morning we are heading to the airport to start a 7 week holiday in the UK, Paris and Greece...oh my I'm so excited....

At the end of week 5, I'll start an art residency in Crete for two weeks so I've had to pack everything I need into a small certainly make me prioritize what I'll need!

Some paints, brushes, fabric, paper, thread and tools. It doesn't sound like a lot, right?

Here are some of the items - strange how so many items seem essential! Stay tuned, some arty blogposts coming!

Watercolour set....

Gel plate and open acrylics

Hand dyed fabrics and linen

I am sure I won't use everything but just in case...😆

Otherwise this past week, my studio turned into a shipyard. Preparing for my exhibition The Industrial Shoreline, I am creating a 3D installation with created freighters over shibori dyed ocean:

Here's the ocean at the ocean!

I saw a ship a'sailing...

This was the view from my studio this morning...the wildfires on the mainland have made the sky quite smoky.

Well, my bags are packed and I have to run...there's house coming down the street.....yes you read that right, and it's a whole different story....

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