Wednesday, October 19, 2022

At the Residency!

 Once we arrived in Crete last week we took the bus to Chania for three nights…a lovely seaside town with tons of history, another museum and sweet little alleys and corners. We’d definitely recommend a visit to this town if you get a chance.

At the Folklore Museum, small rooms recreated as they would have been years ago.

An evening glass of wine looking towards the lighthouse in the Venetian Harbour

Large tapestries made but the museum owner and done entirely my free motion stitch.

Another scene in the museum, small rooms with many activities!

Outside our little apartment in the evening.


We arrived on Saturday (its now Wednesday) and got settled in right away. The house is located in an older part of the city and might be best described as “under transition”! The house we are in is very old, with small rooms divided up with narrow staircases, across the lane are a couple modern style apartment buildings and a new cultural centre close by. A 100 yards away is the Venetian Wall which mostly surrounds the city. There are many small shops and restaurants close by and a very well equipped art store a short walk down the street….what more could one need?

The house inside has a central courtyard with potted plants and stairs up to the terrace above. I’ve not been to the terrace as its been cool and rainy since we arrived!

There is a family of small black feral cats that pop in an out of the courtyard. Mathew, the owner, told me that the government will pay to neuter 3 cats per year but that barely keeps up with the “population growth”

Lest you think its extremely exotic..the door is to the shared shower room!

My workspace is a large table in the living room, lots of room to spread out, my one complaint is poor lighting so I’ve moved a couple lamps close by.

I am creating some small samples of stitch and collage ad working towards some pieces to compile in a book that I’ll make…right now its two steps forward and one step back but I have been journaling each day with ideas, small sketches and a bit more thinking processes.

Today, I will assemble some of the collage bits and see what they might say…
I keep reminding myself that the purpose of a residency is exploration and experimentation…not to create finished pieces….

I painted some interlining that I bought in Athens. It took the paint beautifully and kept the stiffness.

some hand stitching with dyed threads, I wish I had brighter colours….

A little painting of the courtyard. I have neglected a drawing routine in the past few months and that is one focus that I want to work on during my residency…

I love the painted shutters in the house and painted some Khadi paper and then adding stitch.

Another scene with some quick stitching - its a great way to capture these little vignettes I see around me.

Many previous artists have added to the immediate area by creating murals on the walls…we walked around yesterday and I took some photos…there are dozens more in the neighbourhood!

More coming soon…thanks for stopping by!


Janet Armstrong said...

It's always a fine balance....process or product! I look forward to seeing more of your process. Enjoy the exploration!

Anonymous said...

I’ve been looking forward to hearing more about this residency for a couple years. It’s interesting to hear the not so romantic side as well. Love the paint on the interfacing

Peggy H said...

I am in awe...of the views, the architecture, your photos, your art. Your little studies are inspiring me to pull out some of my favorite photos and look at them with new eyes. What an amazing experience, and it is so kind of you to share it all with us.

Anonymous said...

I love your little studies too. And the photos of these intimate little spaces.