Thursday, May 11, 2023

Take the Risk - Open the Door

A few months ago I wrote about how vital it was to continue in my studio even if it meant that all I could do was to just be there…the work would come but sometimes all the work I could manage was simply to be present in the studio. This was during a time of loss, confusion, many conflicting demands and fatigue. My comfort place, my sanctuary, where I can be just myself, is in my studio. Even during this hard time, I knew I would turn the corner into a better, brighter space and but at that moment I just needed to be.

I am just beginning a new and challenging series of work. While the process has been progressing, I must admit that it has not been without difficulties. My latest endeavors have brought me into the world of three-dimensional art, where I have been learning about new materials and techniques that are outside of my comfort zone. In fact, much of what I have created up to this point has been discarded and redone, with a few glimmers of success.

One of the materials that I have been working with is chicken wire, which has become an essential component of the interior structure of my work. I have also been experimenting with fencing grid, and have found that it too has its advantages.

Furthermore, I am delving deeper into the themes of this series. I challenge myself to spend time researching, reading, and writing, and to consider different approaches to my work. Though I have never thought of myself as a shallow person, my previous work may have only scratched the surface of the various topics, relaying facts or concepts without truly delving into my personal connection. This time, I aim to dig as deeply as possible and, ultimately, feel that I have approached the subject thoroughly.

I am thrilled to be moving forward with my latest project. Lately, I've been experiencing a surge of creativity and new ideas that are constantly popping up in my head. These ideas have led to exciting conversations and thoughts that fuel my passion for art even further.

I'm currently in the process of creating prototypes and small samples of my work, which has been both challenging and rewarding. I'm pushing myself to incorporate more of my life experiences as a woman into my artwork, which has been an exhilarating journey. It's exciting to see how my perspective and experiences can come to life through my art.

Ultimately, I can't imagine not doing what I love. Art is about taking the risks.

I have just returned from a six-week trip to Spain. Part of the time, I was running a hostel for pilgrims along the Camino Frances. I was the only person in charge in a small village, working in multiple foreign languages (with lots of really bad verb conjugations) and just making it all work. This part of the trip was all about taking risks, being responsible to people and a community I didn't know, and tending to a parade of strangers each day. It was exciting and exhausting, but taking risks can also open the doors to a wider and more beautiful world.

Take a risk and open the door.

All images were taken during my visit to Spain - I love the idea of old doors and wonder about their stories!


Valerie Arthur said...

Thanks for so honestly sharing your experiences and leaps into new ways of approaching your art Susan! may this spring and summer bring many satisfying results.

Anonymous said...

Susan, at the end of July when Wayne McNabb returns from his sailing trip, you might consider contacting him about his extensive reading about women. His library and interest is vast. He's an amazing feminist!

Susan Purney Mark said...

Thank you, I will much to learn!