Saturday, October 23, 2021

Rounding Up a Few ....

 October has been a busy month for me....I started with my first Studio Tour/Fall Crawl on Pender Island! In other years we were traveling (southern Spain in 2019) or last year....well, you know what happened there!

I loved all the visitors to my studio - new name - Salish Sea Textile Art - with a nice sign for the window but hard to get a close up!

And you know what happens for a Studio Tour - major clean up - making it all nice and pretty - actually I stored a bunch of stuff in the office next door (sheepish grin)! but I got some great STAS hanging systems set up - they look so good and available through Home Depot:

I call these the "glamour" shots! I tried doing a short video tour but it was quite shaky, so I'll practise on that!

After the tour was done, we actually got on an airplane and visited family in Quebec - we loved the fall colours...eastern Canada does them far better than the west coast!

Now the studio is back to its messy/normal! I have ice dyes batching, I've started quilting this piece on the table and have a huge order for my Art to Carry Textile Totes...I love my life and I'm so happy that you're part of it!

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

finally....a vacation!

 Like so many of you, we've been looking forward to getting away from the same four walls and seeing something outside of our little community! While we're not quite ready to travel internationally, we did want to explore a new place so we chose to travel north on Vancouver Island and visit Port McNeil and nearby islands. 

One thing that drew us up there was a chance to visit the Passagemaker, a retired Royal Canadian Navy Diving Tender which my husband had driven many, many years ago when he was a Clearance Diving Officer in the RCN. Back then, it was known as YDT the Navy to give it such a fancy name!

 DH welcomes me aboard!

We explored Alert Bay with a world class Cultural Centre stopped by Telegraph Cove where I had visited over 50 years ago, now a nice tourist stop. We also drove to Port Alice and had a day trip to Malcolm Island and the community of Sointula - settled over 100 years ago by a Finnish immigrants hoping for a perfect, harmonious community. All in all, a lovely trip, even with  three days of almost non-stop rain!

So all this brings me to some photos to share of interesting shapes, angles, textures and then some new art work at the end!

so...onto the new work! As you have seen in previous posts, I've been making multi-coloured shibori fabrics and incorporating them into my art work. In the back of my mind I wanted to create a piece using those fabrics to give the illusion of water, shimmering and reflecting the surroundings....after a few trial runs, I think these two pieces are successful!

Stormy, Stormy Night - 12" x 16"

Stormy, Stormy Night - side view

When the Sun Dances - 12" x 16"

When the Sun Dances - side view

These pieces are now being shown in Surrounded by Water - an invitational exhibition at the Cowichan Valley Arts Council.

I admit that I was nervous working on a wood panel, but it turned out better than I thought and now I'm considering how I might use this same concept of the shibori fabrics put into larger works...stay tuned!

Monday, September 6, 2021

Small Shifts = Exciting Results

 As I have blogged before - my series, Our Salish Sea, has been a wonderful adventure, I have enjoyed exploring using paper and fabric in collage and the sales have been very good.

I have two concurrent shows happening at the end of the month...oh plus... the Studio Tour here on Pender, so I need to increase my inventory BIG time! But I didn't want to do "more of the same" however much I like the theme and the format.

And I have enjoyed using my shibori fabrics as "water" in my recent work so a little experimentation has led to three new pieces with a small shift = exciting results. 

These are 10" x 10" - mounted on wood cradle, I love the size! Message me if you are interested in purchasing, each is $95 CDN

Sometimes just tweaking what is successful provides an opportunity to explore and move in a slightly different direction....I wonder what might be around the corner?

Lookout at Razor Point

Towards Swanson Channel

Side View - Mounted on Wood Cradle

Friday, August 20, 2021

Our Salish Sea

At Grimmer Bay

At Grimmer Bay

Crossing Swanson Channel

North from Shingle Bay

Towards Navy Channel

Sunday, August 1, 2021

New Work - The Magic of Blue

 Lately, I've been leaning towards more mixed media work, incorporating/combining both paper and fabric together and using mark making with collage for a series of work that focuses on the beauty of indigo. I have found an ink that is very close in hue to natural indigo and love using it with black and white mono printing as well as text.

I have built a webpage that is dedicated to small, new works for sale and I hope to rotate small collections through the page with a reasonable price point. This first exploration I am titling The Magic of Blue!

Enjoy these few and then have a look further here:

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Ice Dyeing Revealed Update! New Content, New Colour, New Folds

 Over the years I've discovered that to make changes you can start from scratch or improve and update what you already have. In my online workshops I've done both...making new videos and updating what I already have. In my Ice Dyeing Workshop I started out by making a short instructional video, then I learned more about the techniques, folds and colour combinations and made another video. That was a few years ago and I've learned even more, so I've added two additional videos to my workshop and its better than ever! And it's better because I listened to the comments and suggestions from my students....

So.....whats different?

  • one lesson entirely devoted to different fold designs and you know, its all about the folds! Well, its about the folds, the colours, the ice and much more!
  • additional information about my set up and process - I now have an ice machine!
  • how to ice dye clothing, yardage, vintage linens and table cloths...
  • colour combinations that I use...
  • an updated webpage for simple, easy access
In all, there's almost 2 1/2 hours of video in this workshop - totally devoted to helping you master the process! Here's some totally awesome new fabrics!

So, pretty awesome right? Well, there's more to tell you....if you've already taken my Ice Dyeing Revealed workshop - the new content is there in the webpage for you! Just log in and you'll see it.

If I've tempted you to take the workshop - you can buy it in my Etsy Shop here: 

....but wait....there's more! I have yards and yards of new Ice Dyed fabrics in my Etsy Shop here:

...still more! I am now ice dyeing 20" squares - perfect as little treats, small projects or ??? Plus there's free shipping in Canada! You can buy them here:

Monday, April 5, 2021

Two Roads Diverged....

 My last blog post was about "call and response" ....mostly about seeing an opportunity for exploring further in an unexpected way....

I was painting some vintage fabric squares for a new piece I'm working on - the sky needs to have a very subtle, monochromatic with little contrast, so I was using a sponge roller with white paint.

For some reason I had black paper underneath and when I lifted the fabric square I was totally entranced with the remaining images on the paper.

Tons of texture and beautiful marks left behind...

I thought if I used the white paint on white paper and then added a wash of India ink when it was dry, that might prove interesting....not so much!

The painted squares are waiting patiently and drying, I'm excited to get sewing with these for a new Industrial Shoreline piece. 

In the meantime I started playing with the painted papers....first I trimmed the papers into 6" squares (thinking like a quilter)... and placed them on a white background separated by a narrow 'border"...

It's okay but not exciting....

So then I look closely at one square and found the texture so entrancing....

And then, along with some other painted papers I experimented with some collage...much better and perhaps worth pursuing... it's put into my sketchbook and I think I'll come back to it at some point!

In the meantime, I have a stack of painted fabrics to work with...

...and how is your art coming along?

Monday, March 15, 2021

My Call and Response....

 I was watching the interview on Fibre Arts Take Two with Dorothy Caldwell and Claire Benn,  look on YouTube here:

... and Claire mentioned her explorations being a "call and response" ... meaning that she will have an idea and respond to it with an exploration to see where it takes her. I think we do this as a "what if" ...

In the interview Dorothy had a grouping of tied pages that reminded me of small books and since I'm in the midst of teaching my Cloth to Codex Online Workshop which focuses on books and mark making I thought of tearing up a large sheet of marked paper into pages....

The paper started as an exercise in .... chasing shadows with India ink. It sat in my cupboard for a few months ....

then I marked the back of the paper ....

and tore it up into rectangles ... and then just laid out the pieces in a random order. First one side ...

and then the other side ....

and arranged them again....

I like how they looked in a stack ...

and took some of the photos into my iPad app and drew over top ...

and then took the photo away ... that's it for now! What's next? Crop and edit? Multi-coloured strips? Not sure but this is my "call and response"

What is yours?