Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Marbling on Fabric

I just spent a great morning with a group of ladies teaching them the easiest method for placing colour on cloth. Traditional marbling uses
products like sodium alginate to hold the colour while a print is taken. The method we used replaced the sodium alginate with shaving foam! Way Cool! We used Dye-Na-Flow paints which only need to be heat set when dry and each student made at least 6-8 gorgeous pieces of fabric.

In the pictures you can see the work area set up and ready to go, with the shaving foam, paints and tools laid out. Then Christine is ready to with her paints moved around and ready for printing. Then finally a finished piece of fabric waiting for the iron.

Its easy to do with little clean up required and could be done easily with children.


Christien Shipton said...

During the last three weeks I was fortunate enough to take three different classes from Susan. They were all inspirational, greatly addictive, none fattening, and just plain fun! Susan shares a lot of information and is a super teacher. If you want to learn anything about any of the applications listed here, she is the one to teach you how to do them. Thanks, Christien

gloria r said...

Hi Susan!

Christien said it all, I had alot of fun in the marbling class. It was the highlight of my stay in Victoria!

Thanks for posting the photos, I've sent the link to all my friends!

Hope to take more classes from you in the future! The batik one looks great!