Saturday, July 26, 2008

More Batik Fun!

My friend Joan and I spent yesterday morning creating wonderful pieces of fabric with my favourite product---soy wax! the weather was perfect, a soft breeze to dry the fabrics and sunshine but not too hot. Joan did some wonderful work and she enjoys working with bright primaries.

I had a piece that I had dye painted quite some time ago with the intention of over dyeing with a pole wrap technique. That's it ready to go on the table, the colours might look a little odd as it's in shade. The second picture is the piece almost finished hanging on the clothes line to dry.

The best part about the soy wax is that you can just wash the wax out with hot water and a bit of Synthrapol.....too easy!

I had some left over dye solution so did a few pieces in Low Water Immersion so they're ready for more batik!

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