Monday, April 20, 2009

Dyeing Article

The latest issue, May 2009, of American Quilter came last week with my article on "clamp dyeing". Its always fun to see your work in print!!!

Clamp dyeing (itajame in Japanese) is a method of creating pattern by blocking out areas of fabric by compression when putting the fabric in the dye pot. I use lots of different tools to do this but most often wooden or plexiglass shapes and spring clamps.

I use a regular dye bath recipe and large buckets so I can get lots of fabric into the bath. Sometimes the clamped fabric packs can take up quite a bit of room as well.
Here are some pictures to illustrate the clamping method.


LynnDel said...

I loved the article, and am so glad to see this post with the photo of the clamp -- I being an insecure beginner when it comes to dyeing. I'm extra happy, because I have a bunch of those!

Janet Rice-Bredin said...

Congratulations Susan! Your samples look absolutely yummy :o)

jackie said...

Well done, it looks to be an interesting article.