Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hollyhock Applique

I love to get pictures from students who finish their projects. Somehow I feel better to know they had enough fun to see it through to the end!
On our Hawaii quilting cruise we had classes that didn't involve sewing machine so it was fun to introduce projects that might be new to the cruisers. I taught two classes: wool applique and beading.
Ilene Pedlar from Edmonton finished her wool applique in record time and sent a picture. I think its lovely....thanks Ilene!


Leslie said...

Hi Susan,

Is that made from wool felt or felted wool? I have done some pieces with wool felt, but am thinking of branching out to felted wool.

Susan Purney Mark said...


The hangings were made with felted wool, its much nicer, handles beautifully and feels yummy. I highly recommend it!
Try Googling Wild Thymes Designs for their supplies.