Sunday, November 8, 2009

Catching Up!

I've been away most of the last three weeks, first to Ottawa and Toronto, then to my Art and Design programme at Gail Harkers Creative Studies Centre and then to Edmonton for my Fibre Art Network Annual Retreat and AGM
I also had a chance to teach at Lori's Country Cottage in Sherwood Park
Each experience was wonderful and unique, so much learned, new and old friends to meet and visit!
Here are some pictures of work that I made during my Art and Design programme.

These a a couple of colour studies with painted papers, just a little play with some studies that I am considering.

These are texture exercises that I made working with fine point pens on some stamped images that I made. These are about creating value over colour. As I work through more designs I'll be posting them on my blog.


Joan said...

Susan, Welcome back! How great to be able to see some samples of the work you are doing. Beautiful, as always!

Laura said...

HI Susan.
Thanks for sharing these exercises with us. I found the texture exercise very interesting!