Saturday, April 10, 2010

More Give and Take Applique!

Here are some more pictures of the ladies in Creston and their work on Give and Take Applique. What a difference in their work when they have two days for designs and creation. No one was rushed and they were able to create some very exciting designs. Great job, everyone!

Brigitte used a Hawaiian style design in batiks for her piece, I could see this design in a lovely bed size quilt as well!

Connie played with a more ornate design and I love what is happening in the centre where the blocks meet.

Donna has some wonderful designs that could be used in so many different ways and she has a wonderful use of detail in these designs.

Joanne was inspired by a sketch of a quilting design to create this unique  arrangement. We had lots of fun trying out different layout possibilities!

Linda used a circlular design for her work and I'm really looking forward to see what she develops with this!

More tomorrow!

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Gloria said...

Great designs! Lots of ideas!