Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thursday Tip

I read about this tip recently and when I tried it out and discovered how well it really worked, I just had to pass it along to everyone.
I use a lot of fusible web for pattern design and my own creative work. I also have a very good Rowenta iron........sometime the two do not play well together. So run to your cleaning cupboard or local shop and buy a package of Magic Erasers:

Then watch this YouTube video from Sharon Schamber, where she shows just how to clean your iron with the eraser. I like to have a folded towel under the eraser to soak up any water.

Have fun enjoying your very clean iron!


Peg said...

Great tip, Susan!

Susan Ettl said...

Thanks Susan. I just posted it on FB. I have a iron that I used when teaching 2, 3, 4, and 5th graders, that I have been putting off cleaning. I already have some magic erasers at home, so today this iron will get clean. Yeah!!!!

Ruth Anne Olson said...

Thanks! Those magic erasers are magical. I just got my old white walking shoes to look almost new. Now I have another use for the eraser.