Sunday, April 10, 2011

More Movie Stars!

Last weekend saw Daphne and I up at Nine Patch Media taping for a new DVD that will be a companion for our upcoming book Give and Take Fabric Applique from AQS.
The DVD walks the viewer through our technique showing the steps to ctreate positive/negative designs for their quilts. We're very excited about the possibilities for the technique and the DVD is one way to learn from us......

More new will be coming soon! In the mean time here are some fun pictures to show how the DVD is made....

 The quilts are up and the set is ready.

Sharon Pederson and Elizabeth Philips are discussing some technical aspect!

Daphne is preparing for a scene.

Chris, the camera man and sound engineer is check the computer screen.

Daphne and I are doing voice overs for the Quilt Gallery.
They even have  a "clapper"....remember those? "Scene 1, Take 1" etc, etc. But I forgot to get a picture, darn!

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