Monday, March 12, 2012

Sketchbook Idea-Circles

A lecture by Jane Dunnewold at the Washington SDA Symposium reminded me of some designs I had done in my sketchbook.
Jane discussed using imagery as a tool and how one can used limitless versions of an element or image to explore design.
I went back to my sketchbook and looked at some images I had used to make Thermofax screens. What I liked about these images is that while they are pretty much just textural, the shape, in this case, a circle, is what defines them, not by a line around to enclose but rather the empty space around to frame them. The negative or open space surrounding them takes on more importance than one might suppose.
This is a great exercise to try-find a simple shape to work with and draw it as a faint line in pencil. Fill the shape with marks such as dots, wiggles, straight or crosed lines. Erase the pencil lines and see the images emerge. What can you develop?

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