Sunday, September 23, 2012

Books on Sunday

Once again delving into my library, I found my copy of The Surface Designers Handbook by Holly Brackman. I bought my copy several years ago in Houston and remember reading the entire book on a very long flight back home. I couldn't wait to begin exploring some of the 'new to me' techniques that Holly very carefully introduced and explained.

The author has written 16 chapters exploring virtually every dyeing, printing, and fabric painting method that most surface designers are likely to come across. She also spends the first two chapters discussing safe studio practices, fabrics, fibers and dyes. There are excellent appendices including a dye worksheet for tracking steps in ones projects, calculating stock solutions and color mixing as well as weights, measures and water temperatures, important factors in achieving and repeating good results.

I would recommend this book for anyone interested in learning more about surface design. It is also a good companion to Art Cloth by Jane Dunnewold, another must have in my library.



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Jill Robinson said...

I have SDH book also but haven't taken it out for a while. I recently went from low immersion to vat dyeing so I need to revisit it. Jane's books never get dusty though. : )