Monday, April 15, 2013

Soy Wax Inspirations DVD

Its Here! Its Here!

I'm thrilled to announce the arrival of my Soy Wax Inspirations DVD! I have it in my hot little hands and it can be yours! I would love to send you a copy and help introduce you to the wonderful world of Soy Wax Resists!
In this DVD you will learn all about:
  • Introduction- How to Get Started
  • Supplies and Equipment- What You Need for Success
  • Fabric Choices – What fabrics Work Best
  • Layering Wax and Dye – plus Value Gradations
  • Using Thickened Dyes – with Screen Printing
  • Pattern Resist – Pole Wrapping and Clamp Resist
  • Stitch Resist – a Surprising Technique!
  • Sunprinting with a Wax Resist
  • Discharging with a Wax Resist
  • Removing Wax and Finishing Fabric
There are inspiring fabrics and art, easy suggestions for using soy wax with children or in a classroom. Ideas for combining soy wax with fabric paints and a wide variety of techniques such as shibori,  sunprinting and more.....

April 28th---My apologies for the delay in shipping. I was away and thought they had arrived. Rest assured that they have now been shipped.

In Soy Wax Inspirations you will learn safe studio practices, all the dye and chemical recipes you will need, tips and suggestions from my years of experience and ideas for stretching your creative potential!

Join me and open the doors to a new way to work with Resist Wax. You may wonder what makes Soy Wax special? Soy Wax is made from soy beans so it has some unique qualities:
* its biodegradable - its easy to wash out of your fabrics - no toxic chemicals are needed!
* its a renewable resource - support our farmers!
* its melts at a lower temperature, does not smoke or smell!

You will enjoy this 120 minute colorful video with a link to eight pages of additional instructions and tips. You also have the opportunity to join a Yahoo Group dedicated to learning and sharing your questions and tips about all the great benefits of Soy Wax Resists.

I'm very excited about this DVD, there's so much to learn and I want to share it ALL with you!
You can order Soy Wax Inspirations HERE and I will ship it right away!

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Joan said...

Congratulations, Susan! I know it will be a wonderful DVD.

marny said...

How exciting, Susan. Can't wait to see it!!

marny said...

OK, now I have seen it...and it is a fabulous dvd filled with tons of inspiration. Congratulations again!

Michael in Seattle said...

I would love to buy a copy of this DVD but neither Amazon nor Dharma Trading are currently carrying it. Is it available? Thanks!

Susan Purney Mark said...

Yes, Michael it is! Just visit my website shop at: and you can find it there!