Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Soy Wax Workshop this Summer!

I hope that you will join me for five days of creative fun while we explore the many ways we can use soy wax resists to create pattern , colour and design on fabric.
Red Deer College, in central Alberta is offering an excellent summer arts programme and thye have asked me to teach two workshops.
Soy Wax Resists is being held July 29th- August 2nd and can be either a residential week or you can stay off campus. Click HERE  to the full information about the programmes and workshops that are offered.
In Soy Wax Resists we will be exploring pattern, texture, design and colour using soy wax as a resist method on a cotton, linen, silks and sheers. 

 We will experiment with painted wax resists, stitch resist, and screen printing with thickened dyes and paints using inexpensive tools such as brushes, masks and sponges. 

Time will be spent learning design principles and mark making and colour theory as well as discussions of how the fabrics can be used in clothing, home decor, mixed media and quilts. Soy wax
is a renewable resource, kind to the environment and easy to remove with washing! 

I hope you will be joining me in Red Deer!

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