Friday, October 25, 2013

Exciting New Workshops

I've spent a few days writing and designing some new workshops and updating my most popular ones. I'm so excited about the choices I can offer my students! You can check them out here:
Or here's a run down of the latest ones:


Design Explorations

 Using basic design principles in piecing, applied layers and stitch, students learn to create dynamic and exciting designs for their quilts and develop their own visual voice for future explorations. Students begin by using their chosen ideas and themes and with a variety of small format exercises each day, working towards developing and creating resolved pieces. Students will be encouraged to set personal goals and use a journal/sketchbook for visual record keeping.


Creative Sketchbook

A blank piece of paper can be daunting but a sketchbook of colour, design and texture is so rewarding! Release your inner artist with simple, easy exercises to get the creative juices flowing. You will play with paint, paper, glue stick, crayons, markers and more and get ideas and inspirations for quilt design, new projects and unique ways to see, document and inspire. 


Mrs Matisse Does Applique

What if Henri’s wife had great fabric and fusible web to play with? Design a unique mosaic-style foundation with painted and dyed fabrics then cut out shapes for a still life or floral arrangement. Additional interest can be added with paintsticks, markers and coloured pencils. Explore the many design options possible with fused collage. Stitch and thread choices will be discussed.

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