Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Essentials Book List

Like I promised, I've reassessed my Essentials Book List and found a couple books I wanted to add and a couple that were either dated or had been replaced by newer or better works. So, print off a copy for handy reference!

Quilt Design

Piecing: Expanding the Basics by Ruth McDowell
Contemporary Quilts, and Creative Quilts
by Sandra Meech
Digital Essentials
by Gloria Hansen
Thread Work Unraveled
by Sarah Ann Smith
Journey to Inspired Art Quilting by Jean Wells
Pattern Motifs-a Sourcebook by Graham Leslie McCallum
The Quilters Book of Design by Ann Johnston
Adventures in Design by Joen Wolfrom

Surface Design

Complex Cloth by Jane Dunnewold
Color by Accident and Color by Design by Ann Johnston
Finding Your Own Visual Language by Jane Dunnewold w/ Claire Benn and Leslie Morgan
Any books by Maggie Grey and/or Valerie Campbell-Harding
Surface Designers Handbook by Holly Brackman
Mixed Media Masterclass by Sherril Kahn
Soy Wax Inspirations by Susan Purney Mark (absolutely!)


FIBREWORKS KINGSTON Weekend Workshops said...

Hi Susan..
You are so absolutely right on with each of these great books. Thanks for sharing.

Jeannie said...

Excellent list! I also love the Kemshall's "Painted Quilt". Sandra Meech has never written a book that I haven't fallen in love with and of course, your dvd is at the top of the list. :)