Thursday, December 26, 2013

An Art Search....

A few years ago I spent two idyllic days wandering through the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. In my dreams I could spend an entire year there and still not have seen everything that they offer!
But, did you know that you can wander through the museum online? That you can search 1,125,012 objects and 385,938 images from the V&A's collections? You can spend that entire year wandering through the halls of art and inspiration?
You can search by item, style, period and more and download the images and information! How exciting is that!! Imagine being inspired by Art Nouveau, Monet, Manet, furniture, textiles, embroidery and more, more, more!

Here are some images I took when I was there a few years ago....I think another visit is needed, but this time it might be on my computer!
To check out the V&A, go here:

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