Friday, January 3, 2014

More Good, Better, Best.....3 Easy Steps to Fabulous Fabric

Here's another post about Good, Better, Best and it ties in beautifully with our ongoing Printed Fabric Bee! I hope you've been checking the progress in our Facebook Page:

This month Julie chose blue spirals in an 8" x 18" format. And I admit that I did start with a fabric that I had soy wax resisted and dyed. But I remember that I wasn't terribly pleased with the results and it had been tossed into the proverbial pile for some reason. But, you know sometimes things just need a second look and I hauled it out and fell in love again!

So, I admit that I sort of took the easy way out and screen printed some blue spirals on it:
Well, not quite there, is it? so I screen printed more blue spirals:
Now, I'm in love!
And I have a couple confessions...... I didn't have enough of this fabric to include it as the 6" x 6" sorry!
Plus, I think I had a head start because I started with a resist and dyed fabric.....sorry again!
But I think if you check out the other fabrics below, I have very unique spirals????? (they're the top middle one)

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