Tuesday, June 17, 2014

An Easy Colour Study to Try

Is this how you feel about colour? Does it challenge you beyond endurance? Keep in mind that the more we work on something, it more skilled we become. This is true for truck driving as well as our art!
Last week, I taught a class on Design Explorations that focused on some of the Elements of Design and my students loved this exercise involving magazine photos and coloured papers. You can also do this with pictures in magazines.

Find a picture you like and tear it out. The find all the colours in the picture by cutting small pieces of those colours or painting them and glueing down beside the mail picture. This exercise is about looking and seeing how many possible colours there are in just one simple photo.

Another exercise is is to cut out pictures of one colour and glue them down in place. This will teach you about some of the possible values, tints and shades of that colour.

Now, how about trying some of your own?

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