Sunday, October 26, 2014

Doors, Doors, Doors

By now you may know that I'm in Italy, travelling through Rome, Venice, Florence and a cruise thrown in for fun. I've been going in and out of doors a lot, into churches, museums, historical sites, hotels and more. Some doors have been huge, some have been rather short, even for me.
So I've been thinking a bit about doors and what meaning they could have in our lives. Often they are a passage through, from the light into the dark or dark to light. They can offer promises or suggest danger or the unknown. Think of the scary movies that involve a creaking door, opening slowly........
Or the door of your first home or apartment as an adult....what excitement and plans for the future were involved with that!
So I've been taking pictures of some doors that interested me and hopefully get you thinking of some possibilities......

What ideas come to you? I love the rich patina, peeling layers of paints and brick work. I'm planning on some photo collage work putting different brick and plaster images together.
If you'd like some higher res. images of these, let me know.

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