Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Printed Fabric Bee.......late, late late!

Where did January go? I'm late getting my fabric done for the Bee exchange, so sorry everyone. So Lisa Chin has been patient and I will pop it into the mail first thing tomorrow! Lisa's chosen theme was Old World Maps and I'm quite pleased with my results. It didnt take long to make but quite a bit of waiting for paint and paintsticks to dry.
I used a piece of pale taupe fabric, thinking it looked a little old! Truth be, it was an Ikea curtain that I no longer used...
I traced a pretend coastline onto a folded piece of freezer paper because I needed to use both the positive and the negative image, you'll see why later....... Then I cut out the coast line and ironed part of it to the fabric:
 My next step was to use paintsticks and colour in the edge of the paper.
 Next was to stencil some ocean waves with indigo colour textile paint
 I took the freezer paper off.....
 And used the mirror image of the paper to cover up what I had just completed. Then used a map stamp and back textile paint. The green edge of the paper came from a piece that I had used previously.
So here is the final step, I drew around the coastline with a reddy brown marker to emphasize the edge. I think it turned out well. Now onto the next fabric for the Bee!


Hilary Florence said...

Very effective and nothing wrong with using old curtains. Infact, this would make interesting curtains. I love both of the stencils. Did you make them yourself? they both look very delicate - more like thermofax screens.

Laura said...

thanks for sharing, Susan. I love this map piece - great combination of techniques.

Brenda said...

I WANT your map. Love it. All it needs is a "here be monsters" warning!