Thursday, September 10, 2015

Remember the Self Critique?

Maybe you remember the work I had done at the beginning of the summer and had asked for comments as I was workting through the beginning od a new series? Well, actually its the first of what I might consider a sereies. It gave me an excellent tryout for some ideas that I had been mulling over and now I'd ready to show you some results.
The first work I showed you got cut in half

and became this:

                                                                   Cosa 12" x 12"

But the remaining half of the piece didn't make it! Not that it wasnt any good, but I used a hand dyed piece of fabric that ran, and ran when I rinsed out the blue marker. And I got this: 

Darn, darn and double darn! It won't even make a nice potholder!

But the other piece:
Gave me this:

                                                                   Vesuna 12" x 12"

And the fabric in the remaining half ran as well. The fabric is now in the garbage!
Having made a couple more pieces, I mounted them on canvas board and and very happy with the results. Despite some misgivings, they are both in the portrait format:

                                                                     Appia 12" x 24"

                                                                       Ostia 12" x 24"

So what did I learn:
  • I prefer working with a more limited palette
  • I may need to work on keeping my lines straighter (?)
  • The quilting design is simple yet effective, I can't do curves well
  • These pieces led me to develop a larger piece that I have entered into a show
  • I love, love, love doing mark making on the fabrics I use!
Finally, the series isn't finished yet!


Vicki W said...

You can save those pieces that ran. I did a lot of testing on bleeding hand dyed and commercial fabrics a couple of years ago. They need a good long soak in hot water with Dawn (not Synthrapol or Dharma Textile Detergent). I wrote about it here if you are interested.

Eileen Gidman said...

Susan thank you for including us in your thought process of what you learnt doing the series. Examining our work critically only helps us to grow. Sorry about the bleeding in some of the fabrics. Frustrating I am sure.

Susan PM said...

Vicki, I will try that, nothing too lose, other wise it becomes a test piece for machine tension or something!
Eileen, I always learn something by hearing what others do. Good to keep our eyes and ears open!