Tuesday, January 26, 2016

It's All in the Details!

I really should have been paying more attention when groups asked for help to hang a show. I didn't think I needed to learn because someone else was better at it than me.
So when it came time to hang my own show, I realized I'd never done it before.....ooops! But my DH (the tall guy) and my friend, Barb were part of my very wonderful crew, and I couldn't have asked for better and more patient people!
First, I packed my suitcase.... this suitcase once belonged to my grandmother and I keep meaning to "pretty it up", oh well.
I put in everything I thought I'd need:

  • hammer
  • eye screws
  • hanging wire
  • tape
  • sticky stuff for the labels
  • pens and marker
.....but I forgot the measuring tape!

 I folded the larger pieces into fabric so they wouldn't get knocked about:

I did some last minute preparations:

I bought some plants:

 And then we hung the art!

The show looks wonderful, people actually came to see it and I'm thrilled!

It's still hanging til February 2nd, It has to come down by noon, I'm teaching that morning, so 1/2 of my set up crew (the DH) has to take it down! I haven't told him yet, do you think he'll mind?

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Unknown said...

Susan, the show looks wonderful. Wish I was closer so I could see it!
Glenna in Whitby.