Monday, March 27, 2017

It's a Good, Good Feeling!

.....when you're done and it's turned out pretty fine! Over the past couple years I've been galumping through a series that I've called Burrard, named after an abandoned shipyard in North Vancouver. There are some terrific old warehouses, big cranes and old decaying stuff there and I took lots of photos that I'm interpreting into art.

Perhaps you remember my blog post about the background/sky that I had pieced and painted? Then some dye on my print table came through? Yikes, it was a scary time....but the subtle colouring (after a good washing and over painting) lends a bit of character to the piece. Least, that's what I'm telling myself. Oh, and then I realized I'd styled the rafters at the wrong angles, luckily it wasn't too late! If you'd like to read back to that blog post, it's here:

Now The Warehouse is done, except for the paper work (the measuring, the description, the inventory and putting into my archive listings) and I'm happy.

The Warehouse 37" x 47"

The Warehouse - detail

The Warehouse - detail

I'm heading back to my photo files to see what else inspires me for the next piece. I tend to finish (or close to) one piece before starting another - too many years of UFO's! How about you?


RachelA said...

I like this piece Susan, and the background fabric looks great, despite your "mishap" which i for one would never know had happened looking at it finished. I am impressed with your ability to finish one piece before embarking on another. What discipline, I sadly lack that power!!!

Valerie Wilson said...

Wonderful! I like the more mellow background and the colours for the buildings give that wonderfully rusty, old feeling.

Anonymous said...

I love the dynamic foreground colours of the abandoned warehouse. Proof that once there stood a formidable and vibrant working building. Having lived in Vancouver I see the beautiful hues of greys and lights coming through the open rafters. There are never mistakes in our works of art - only pure genius. Well done Susan. I hope I get to see it in real form one day.

Peggy Foster said...

BTW Susan, the anonymous mentioned above is really me, your friend, Peggy Foster. Hugs