Friday, June 9, 2017

What's That Called Again?

I love words, love reading and once in a while I love writing! One struggle I have is naming things....quilts, fabric, art and so on....I'm not a wordsmith, I can't turn a fancy phrase and my favourite editing tool is the online Thesaurus.
So if I could, I'd call them all Thing #1, Thing #2 get the idea. But titles and names can give the viewer some understanding of the process, the origin or a story about the "thing". They can also engage the viewer and invite them deeper into a conversation....which is usually an intention of the artist.
I finished washing some of my Ice Dyed Fabrics and needed titles before listing them in my Etsy Shop....the titles either spring right into my head or I struggle and wrestle and beat the fabric until it gives me something....anything! I think a couple titles are pretty clever:

My, My Mai Tai

The next fabric was a little more challenging....but since there's so much reddish colour and there's waves that aren't regular I thought Lava Storm would be a good title.

When I was choosing the colours for Rainbow Sorbet I realized that I'd chosen a triad of "close to" primary colours and then by adding a purple and a bit of Wasabi, then I had close to a ROYGBIV - hence a "rainbow"!

Finally I wanted to work on a Purple, Cerulean Blue, Lilac and Hydrangea experiment. The folding gave me an interesting pattern that I'll definitely be using again! Naming this fabric was a challenge, using purple in the title was somewhat predictable but I thought playing with the word and changing it up a bit might be fun!
So Slurple is the perfect answer!
I continue to try different titles, sometimes they work well and other times they fall a bit flat. There's no perfect formula but its also a way to push myself and play with words....
The fabrics are listed in my Etsy Shop:

I've now made my Ice Dyeing Revealed Online Workshop as an "on demand" workshop, meaning you can take it anytime you like. All the same great content with lots of extra information in the webpage. You can sign up here:

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