Friday, August 29, 2008

AQS Classes

I taught 5 different classes in Nashville last week and they were all so much fun! The first picture shows students working hard on their "Mystery Blocks", they were finished in record time! In this class I give each student 5 kits for 5 different blocks, all with the same shapes but different colour variations. After each block is completed they try to guess what the quilt looks like and then I show them the completed quilt. At the end of the class they get the instructions to make all 5 quilts. Lots of fun and very low stress!

In the next two pictures students are creating their own "Give and Take Applique" designs, first from paper cut outs and then from fabric. We play with design mirrors to see what repeat shapes will look like and modify or change the designs. Its a very creative class and students learn that they CAN make their own unique designs. A VERY good class for the budding designer.

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