Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Visit to the Cowichan Valley

I was back in the Cowichan Valley last Monday, visiting the Cowichan Valley Heritage Quilters guild at the home of my friend, Gloria Daly. I grew up in that area and many of the quilters remember the area as I do, without the moderizations and growth. I remember that I couldn't wait to leave after high school, it was too small a community to hold me back! Now I look at the area and think that it would be a lovely place to raise a family or settle down. How times and our perceptions change!

Gloria has a lovely back deck and patio set on 3 acres on rolling land just at the foot of Mount Prevost. A few months ago she had each guild member draw a card from a deck of playing cards and create a small quilt inspired by "their" card. The results are stunning and the quilts will be auctioned or displayed at a local seniors care centre. You can see the quilts hanging on display from a clothesline strung around the deck. Aren't they great?

Some of the ladies tried some discharge on black fabric with bleach much fun!

I also showed quilts from my most recent Fat Quarter Frenzy Two book and well as patterns and some quilts in an upcoming book due out this fall. It was a great visit, the temperature was perfect and the sun shone brightly. A perfect day!

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