Friday, October 31, 2008

Dyeing Weekend

Last weekend I led a 2 1/2 day dyers retreat here in Victoria. The students and I began on Friday evening by discussing their plans and hopes for the time in the dye pots and what previous experience the students had. The students all made colour samples for future reference and a colour blending chart.

On Saturday morning we started with simple low water immersion recipes but after lunch I demonstrated pole wrapping, clamp dyeing and stitched Shibori. The students loved all the variety of techniques and had so much fun creating a variety of pattern and colour on cloth!

On Sunday morning we discussed their successes and continued with a few more dyeing plans. After lunch I showed the students a variety of discharge products, including bleach pens, discharge paste and dishwasher liquid.

Students found it very helpful to document their work, create colour plans and write thei thoughts and ideas through the processes.

Lastly we displayed their work from the weekend and discussed ideas and thoughts they had for working with their new fabric.

A great weekend and we're all eager to play with the dye pots again!

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Joan said...

Hi Susan, It looks as though it must have been a fabulous weekend, and the samples produced look terrific. What a fun way to spend a weekend.