Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sketching and Art Journal Supplies

I keep several sketch books going at any one time. One is a theme book for a project that is due next spring, I keep all my notes, drawings, photos, and colour studies in that. Another one is an ongoing study of trees. In that one I have rubbings, photos, and just about anything that is related to trees, I expect that this sketchbook will last me for many years to come and I can pull ideas for my artwork from that book.

Another book is my ongoing work that includes notes from workshops I've taken, exercises that inspire me for the moment, and quick notes of ideas that might disappear if I don't write them down. This book goes lots of different places with me so its smaller than some of my other ones (9" x 9") and through different attempts I've created a sketching case that includes most other supplies I might need.

The case includes a variety pencils; 2H, HB, 2B and such, finepoint black markers (some people like the Sharpie brand, but I prefer Pigma) a small ruler, my lino cutter and blades and a couple of small cheap erasers for carving stamps. I also have cello tape, a couple of brushes, and a small art knife. From time to time I might include a small group of acrylic or watercolour paints, a glue stick, a small assortment of crayons and a pair of scissors.

This case has just about all that I need and I can pick it up and go wherever I'm heading without having to pack it each time.

Consider something like this for yourself and you can be an "artist on the go"!

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Janet Rice-Bredin said...

Thanks for sharing this Susan. I'm always wondering which of my supplies to take on trips, and it's nice to see what another artist considers "the essentials".