Saturday, October 10, 2009

Deconstructed Screen Printing

Last week I taught a class on Deconstructed Screen Printing where we apply thickened dye to the backs of the screens, let it dry and then print with print paste through the screen. As the dried dye softens and releases from the screen we get exciting organic images that are always a little surprising.
Maya is preparing her fabric by pinning it to the print table. There is one piece at the front that she has been working on.

Then, success! You can see the back of the screen with the dye residue and what it has left on the fabric.

Ruth is screening through some lace, she had good success with that idea.

In the afternoon I taught the students to put soy wax on the screens and use thickened dye to screen their designs onto the fabric. I love the image that Ruth created. I think they look like cute little meerkat faces!

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