Monday, January 11, 2010

Stamping Monday

As Bob Cratchit said "we were making rather merry" and I found we had a couple of lovely corks left from the New Year's celebration. I thought they were quite the perfect shape with an almost built-in handle, they just had to be made into stamps!

I carved some simple designs into the base of the cork, I found a sharp art knife worked far better than my lino cutter. But the uneven surface of the cork gave the designs a more interesting texture.

I think the designs would be great as a border, especially if I alternate the designs. Remember to keep the designs simple, the cork just won't take complex motifs.
Perhaps I could use it on a T shirt or cushions? Any other thoughts.......
I could develop champagne tastes but I only have a beer budget!

PS. Can you name the source of the quote at the top of my post?

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