Friday, March 5, 2010

Printing, Dyeing and Screening, oh my!

I've been a busy little beaver since my last post. All ten fingers in the dye pot and having so much fun. Here is some of the results!

I mixed up some thickened dyes for some deconstructed screenprinting and left them to dry (more about those in a couple of days). I had some dye left over so plopped it onto some plastic sheets, squished them together and put the sheets onto the fabric. Fun and effective. I think it'll be cut into little tiny squares and rearranged.

I did the same here, but used green and blue thickened dye. I thought the background was a little boring so put it into a yellow dye pot. Of course it came out mostly green.
Yesterday I did some screenprinting with red and fushia dyes and this is the result. I may add some more to it.

I'm teaching a class on screenprinting with thickened dyes tomorrow for the Victoria Embroiderers Guild. I've been printing onto linen and other hand "stitch-able" fabrics, so more about that tomorrow.


Laura said...

Hi Susan,
I just had to comment on these beautiful bright pieces. Such fun.

Kristi said...

I've been having fun too! I learned a little about having heat (my house was too cold) for the batching to work. Happily I re-dyed and they look even better. Hope you are enjoying the sunshine!