Monday, March 22, 2010

Stamping Monday

Over the next few Stamping Monday topics, I'll be discussing texture: how to make textured stamps, where to use them and some additional tips to make your textured stamps more interesting and useful.

Today I've carved some Speedy Cut stamps, one 2" square and one 1" square. I've made different designs on each side to get the most out of them. You could make them all different sizes and certainly I've found rectangles to be another very useful shape, especially if you make them different widths.

I've used the smallest V gouge in my cutting set and made small scratches at an angle to the sides. Rotate 180 degrees and make more scratches. The material will cut very easily and so needs just the lightest pressure with the cutter.

I've also cut into the edges of each stamp to make the designs appear just a bit irregular.

I've used black paper for stamping with metallic and bright Fluid Acrylics. Metallic Jacquard paints on black fabrics would be stunning.

Remember to rotate the stamps so the designs will turn and create more visual interest.

See you next Monday!


Yvonne said...

The stamped paper looks great - nice!

Paula said...

I'm so glad to see Stamping Monday back again. You have great ideas.

Gloria said...

I'm looking forward to learning about stamping!