Thursday, June 3, 2010

Geophysical Show-Fibre Art Network of western Canada

My Fibre Art Network group of western Canada recently participated as an Invitational Show in Quilt Canada in Calgary, AB. The theme of the show was Geophysical and was stated as: ‘GeoPhysical’, pays tribute to geology, and the scenic and economic riches it provides to western Canada. FAN members were challenged to interpret, in cloth and thread, “the earth and the forces that shape it” without reference to subjects man-made or currently living.
Only pieces relevant to this theme were accepted, and the exhibition was widely praised both for its cohesiveness and for the variety of subjects chosen and techniques employed as artists expressed their own interpretations of the theme.
My piece is entitled FaultLines and can be viewed (with the other pieces) here:

I would say that once I had seen the other pieces I wasn't very happy with mine, so it has had the binding removed, a painting of thickened dye over the front, more heavily quilted and will be undergoing some more processes! I will be blogging it a bit later, once finished and will show all the steps I took. Lets hope that there's an improvement!

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