Friday, June 25, 2010

Nature at its Best

Last week my DH and I spent a week on Pender Island. After rebuilding the deck we got the kayaks out and have a couple of wonderful paddles around the island, exploring some areas. On the last morning of our holiday we paddled out to Razor Point and passed some interesting spots.

We see lots of colour when we're out, the starfish are often wonderfully surprising purples and oranges. Mr. Seal is dappled greys and browns.

The water was so calm the reflections were almost perfect. We kept on paddling and saw an eagle in the distance. I paddled closer.......

and closer, kept taking pictures and paddling closer. Until I got within 25 feet, he just kept staring at me. I took this last picture and paddled away. He eventually flew off after I had left. Life is full of wonderful memories, especially when we can get off the roads and sidewalks..................


Quiliting in Mequon said...

Hi Susan... What wonderful pictures... I just love nature... I have never seen starfish that big... I also love the duck in the post befor this one... Thanks for sharring.. :)

Frances said...

hello Susan when I saw where you are from your post on quiltart list I just HAD to visit your blog,
I love your art work and exhibition, well done,

my reason for being drawn to visit though was location I was lucky enough to stay on Vancouver island in 94 and 96, on my second visit I also stayed on some of the gulf islands ~ Saltspring, Pender and Galliano (have I spelt that right) this post has just transported me 14 years and a couple of thousand miles, I shall vist your blog again, thanks,

wish I could visit for your surface design exhibition, good luck,