Thursday, September 30, 2010

Little Crazy Quilt - CD Release!

I'd like to introduce my special friend, Cathy Miller and tell you a bit about her. I first met Cathy about eight years ago when she and her husband, John Bunge, moved to Victoria. We crossed paths in the local quilt shops and became friends and kindred quilters. We've travelled together on several quilt cruises and meet once a week in our little satellite group. Cathy always has great stores about her adventures, travelling and singing for quilt guilds and shops around the world.
Now her latest CD (fifth in the "quilting" series) has been released and I've heard several songs. I think its absolutely dynamite! Here's a little bit of the promo "blurb" and a picture of the cover art that Cathy sent me:

This CD features an eclectic mix of songs in the folk/blues/rock and Celtic music realm. There are some history songs, some sentimental songs, and some hilarious songs – the winning mix that has made all of Cathy’s recordings so popular. Once again, she has recorded at The Millstream in Toronto, and the songs are enhanced by some of the best session musicians in that city, under the guidance of Paul Mills, producer.

Because this is Cathy’s 10th solo CD (there were 5 before she started writing about quilting), she has slipped into the mix a couple of “pre-quilting” favourites: one about a small cove near Halifax, Nova Scotia, and one that was sung at their wedding -- a love song written in Calgary. She’s also found two old songs: “The Sewing Machine” from the movie “Perils of Pauline” which Betty Hutton sang so lustily from her sweatshop; and the title track, “Little Crazy Quilt”, a gem from the Patti Page songbook. The rest are penned by Cathy herself.

If you'd like to learn more about Cathy and her music, check out her website: . If she travels to a guild near to you, don't miss a performance!

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