Sunday, September 19, 2010

New Work

I have some pieces going into an Exhibition next week and I've just finished the mounting. A long slog, it took me most of the afternoon in the midst of making a couple batches of Salsa. That'll teach me for planting 25 tomato plants!
These two pieces are a departure for me, as they were worked over a couple of months, they were portable fabric collage work that I took with me on road trips, planes, waiting rooms and such. I used a variety of fabrics from vintage damask, linen, silk and dyed cottons. I dyed all the fabrics, screen printed and stamped and then hand stitched everything. It became a meditative exercise and entirely enjoyable!
I was inspired by Jude Hill at I greatly admire her work and the philosophy she uses in her work. Check it out.....

12" x 22"

close up

 a soma dos dias
19" x 19"

close up

Visit the Exhibition at the Loft Art Gallery
260-2720 Mill Bay Road, Mill Bay, BC
from Sept. 28- Oct. 28th


Yvonne said...

I will check the show out to see these in person - time spent with fabric and thread is good time and I agree Jude is inspirational - I really enjoyed her classes!

Gloria said...

They're beautiful!