Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Studio Renovation Begins!

I've spent the last week packing up my studio, boxes and boxes of books, supplies, notions, threads and more. My entire studio is being renovated and I'm thrilled about the new possibilities! But......the "short term" pain is excruciating! There are boxes, pieces of furniture, icky carpet and scraps of wood to deal with.
I've actually spent about 6 months planning this renovation, measuring my square footage, making floor plans, drawing out possible layouts and purging out the stuff I no longer use. That was a freeing experience to let go of fabric, designs and more from a former business and planning the way forward for my dreams and plans. I'll be showing more of that a bit later on.
I've scheduled about 16 days for the reno, which my husband and son-in-law have said is unrealistic, but I do need to get back into the space as soon as I can! I'll be having separation anxiety!
The plan over the next couple of days is to pull down the panelling from one wall, its old mahogany that shows little holes where my husband used a pellet gun when he was young (and reckless!), he also found fire crackers that he tried to stuff into the holes! Next the old carpeting will be lifted and disposed of, no more carpet, hurray! Then there'll be insulation and drywall put up where the panelling was - only along one exterior cement wall - I think it'll be warmer in the winter.

The old wall is removed, we found old growth fir used as support for the panelling.

My sewing machine is in the midst of the rubble, I'm thinking optomistically that I might get some sewing done!

One bedroom with about 30 boxes of supplies piled into it!

Fabric storage is piled to the ceiling!

More updates as the work progresses!


bronwen said...

Wow! I can't believe how much you've already done! Looks awesome and I can't wait to see the outcome!

Yvonne said...

This is creation on a big scale! All the best with it.