Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Studio Reno is Done! almost....

I'm thrilled with my new studio and have enjoyed working in it the last few days! I learned:
  • renos take twice as long as expected
  • little issues along the way cost the most!
  • the decorating will take time
  • many wonderful people made it all possible...thanks to Henry and Sean!
Here's some pictures of the studio finished but empty, ready for the 'stuff'':

The floor space measures about 250 square feet, there's just one window but lots of wall space. I choose Navajho White (Benjamin Moore) for the walls and the brick and accent wall was Terra Red, why be shy?

I'll write another blog post about the flooring choices.

The lighting is all natural tube and I have a couple of other lights in work areas. We've maxed out the electrical possibilities so I'll need to be careful about the demands.

Here are the finished pictures, just need to do a bit of decorating!

I love my little fireplace, the remote control is on top, just a click of a button and I can have roaring flames without heat! Or heat without flames, it'll be nice and cozy in the winter as its my only source of heat in the room. I'll be putting a rod at the top of the brick wall to hang quilts.

Desk area is under the window, there will be a large bulletin board on the wall behind the chair and the desk will be replaces by a proper L shaped work area with filing drawers underneath. I'll be buying mats today to protect the floors under the chairs.

My cutting table is my best purchase for the room. Its an Ikea kitchen island and was on sale for under $500. When we brought the boxes home I was very concerned that it would be too long at 72" but it fits very well and the storage is wonderful. My design wall is to the right and will measure 6ft wide x 5 ft tall. I lost a bit of height in the room because of the subfloor but I think it will work well.

This is another Ikea kitchen island, but I've modified it for my pressing table with a padded surface. It has wheels at one end so its semi-portable.

The bookcases are set up, there's till some boxes to unpack, so I'll be buying some more book cases, which I had planned on doing anyway. I used the height of the bookcases to take advantage of the bulkhead on the ceiling.

So all in all, I'm pleased with the results, there's still some tweaking to be done, another trip to Ikea, pictures and design wall to hang. But I can now work in the space after almost two months of frustration! I'll continue to post as changes are made, stop by and see me sometime!


bronwen said...

Looks terrific!! I can't wait to see it in person.The floors looks really good and I am digging the red after all! xo

Joan said...

Susan, It looks fabulous! What an incredible transformation, and I really like the way you have used the Ikea furniture. Brilliant!

Laura said...

Wow, Susan.
Everything is looking great. Congrats.

Katie Stein Sather said...

it looks like a lovely space. Lucky you!

a cautionary tale about laminate flooring--my husband's experience. we installed some in his office, not the best stuff, I admit. He used a mat for his chair. Unfortunately, grit got under the mat, and has almost completely sanded away the wood "picture" (that pattern is only a paper picture on top of the particle board substrate, you know).

He is admittedly the world's worst housekeeper, not vaccuuming under that mat more than a few times in the 8 years we've had it.