Sunday, July 8, 2012

Books on Sunday - Fearless Design for Every Quilter

Newspapers and magazines are full of book reviews for the summer, with suggestions on what to pack for the beach or the cottage. I admit I have my share of fiction (I love a good sci-fi thriller) but I often go back to my bookshelf and pull out a couple of older books to have a second or third read through.
I pulled out Fearless Design for Every Quilter by Lorraine Torrence and spent some time reviewing the ten chapters or exercises that focus on Design Principles and Elements and then Design Sources and Inspiration. Lorraine worked with a critique group that met and worked through the exercises, showing their work and adding comments on their thoughts and processes along the way.
I think this book would be an excellent addition for a critique group to use, in fact, Lorraine gives tips on setting up your own group. A good book to add to your summer reading!

ISBN 9781571205766

Visit Lorraines website at: to see more of her books and patterns.

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Laura said...

Hi Susan, I picked this one up at Tanner's discount store for under $10 and I am enjoying going through it. You are right about it being a good tool for a group.