Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Meet Cheryl Wall - Country Quilter

Cheryl Wall is a BC quilt designer and author and I'd like to introduce her by discussing her new book:
 “At Home with Country Quilts” features 13 new patterns I’ve designed.  My first book, “Country Comforts” also published by Martingale, sold very well and was such a fun experience, that I wanted to do it again.

Some of the props used in the pictures are my own so the book feels very personal.  My patterns typically use rich, warm country colours and aren’t terribly fussy or complicated to make.

Can you tell us about your background and interest in fabrics and quilts?
As I mention in the introduction to the book, I didn’t care much for sewing in high school so if anyone had told me back then that quilting would be my career choice, I’d never have believed them!  I made my first quilt in the mid-1980s, (before the invention of the rotary cutter—back in the stone age!)  and made another one a year or two later.  It took awhile for the passion and self-confidence to take hold.  The first quilts I made used templates and I stuck very close to the colours used in the patterns I bought.  Eventually I learned to trust my instincts in choosing fabrics and altering patterns to suit my personal taste.  It wasn’t until the late 1990s that a sister encouraged me to try designing a pattern myself, which I did.  At the time, I was working as an administrative assistant but wasn’t terribly happy in my job so I began to think about starting a pattern business, allowing me to quilt full-time and be my own boss.  In 2003, I quit my day job and started “Country Quilts”. 

What other designs do you work on?
Since starting my business, I’ve designed over 100 patterns, including a few BOMs.  My first BOM, “House Sampler” was published in 2003 and continues to be one of my best sellers.

Where else can we read more of your writing?
In addition to the two books published by Martingale, I wrote a book called “Welcome Home” published by Kansas City Star in 2011.  The main project is similar to my “House Sampler” BOM in that it’s made up of several sections.  I also self-published four pattern books and have had patterns published in several magazines, including McCall’s Quilting, Quick Quilts, Quiltmania, Quilters’ Connection, Canadian Quilter, Create and Decorate and Les Editions des Saxe (in France).  You can see all my patterns on my website, www.countryquilts.ca.

I also have a blog, www.cheryl-countryquilts.blogspot.ca, where I share photos of shows I attend, tutorials and free patterns, and other events in my life.  As soon as my book is released on June 12, I’ll be having a giveaway on my blog—so if you’d like a chance to win a copy, sign up as a follower and keep watching for updates!
Do you teach and/or lecture as well as write?
I’m a terrified public speaker so I much prefer to design and make quilts.  But, I have taught beginning quilting in my home to a few people at a time and have done some trunk shows for local guilds and book signings where I can talk with quilters one on one.  Much less scary for me!

How can quilters find out more about you?
Newsletters, contests, special offers for my readers etc. the interview and pictures will be posted to my blog which is linked to Facebook but will also be featured in my newsletter

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