Sunday, November 4, 2012

Books on Sunday

About 5 years ago I was fortunate to take part in a two year textile design programme with Ruth Issett at the Gail Harker Creative Studies Centre. I was in the last group that Ruth taught and for me it was a life changing experience. Ruth is the author of a number of books, mostly focused on colour and fabric. This book, Glorious Papers, is more about techniques for applying colour to paper. I'm not sure why, but Batsford Books, the publisher, always manages to put out books that are so rich in colour and photographs, that they truly become a visual feast!

The book begins with "Paper, Materials and Equipment" and then explores chapters such as "Painting Papers", "Resists and Inks", Texture Gels", and "Metallic Effects" The final section focuses on what one can do with all the papers that are created..... collage, cutting, layering and more.
If you like using colour (who doesn't) and want to explore all that you can do with paint and paper, then this book is for you.

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