Sunday, January 6, 2013

Books on Sunday

I've been rambling through my book shelves again to see what can inspire me for the coming year. I  like to stack a bunch of possibilities beside a comfy chair and then browse through them with a cup of tea. At this gloomy time of year, its the best way to spend an afternoon!
I pulled out Surfaces for Stitch: Plastics, Films and Fabric by Gwen Hedley  and had a good browse through the pages. The author is a well known embroiderer and tutor who teaches and exhibits in both the UK and overseas (I wonder if she's planning a visit to Canada anytime soon?) 

I appreciate the authors approach to "what if" (my two favourite words!) such as:
  • paint it, then stitch again
  • cut it up and reassemble it
  • combine it with other materials
  • work it in a different scale
  • layer it with other pieces
to create unique designs that are truly ones one!

The author suggests a variety of different surfaces such as Tyvek, pliable plastics, stencil film, puff paints and more that can combine with paints, powders, stitch and fabrics, building up layers of texture, colour, pattern and design. The instructions are clear and the photographs are a visual feast. Several projects are offered to familiarize oneself with the materials, book covers, boxes, brooches and pins. Its always helpful to have suggestions on how these techniques can be used.

A good buy and excellent reference! Amazon doesn't carry it anymore but it is available from several re-sellers at reasonable cost. ISBN 1-889682-18-7


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