Sunday, January 13, 2013

Books on Sunday

Sew Wild - Creating with Stitch and Mixed Media by Alisa Burke

If I'm looking for any book that uses, explains, or explores any manner of stitch, quilting, embellishment or art I know that my friend Marny will have it! I borrowed this book for a weekend, read through it and also watched the accompanying DVD.

I think this book will appeal to those who want quick and easy techniques to produce pieces that can be stitched or embellished into projects. The authors approach is called "freestyle" and "unconventional", in my way of thinking, it's just messy without any consideration for design, layout or art elements. I have reservations with the tendency these days that "more is better" and that if one keeps slapping stuff together and then stitch it to death,  the piece is successful.

The authors use of colour is joyful and exuberant, the projects that are provided are quirky and fun, I particularly liked the the Rosette Pillow and the Bucket Hat. Cute and a different approach to dimensional work. The accompanying DVD is well done, I enjoyed the section on over painting ugly fabrics and think it might be a fun project for a rainy afternoon.

While I understand the authors wish to be frugal, I firmly believe its important to use paint and other products designed for fabrics. I also have issues with leaving out thorough safety instructions for using bleach and other chemicals that require special equipment, particularly if the book is to be used by beginners. You may be tempted to buy Sew Wild but I think there are better books available.

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