Sunday, February 3, 2013

Books on Sunday

My friend Marny is my "go to" gal for any book related to fibre, stitch, quilting and surface design. Marny never ceases to amaze me with her special "finds" and coffee break at her house is always a treat!
Last week, among a few other books, Marny showed me Janet Edmonds latest book From Print to Stitch and what a wonderful book it is. The author begins with basic tools and supplies, then shows how one can choose a theme to work with and play with developing that theme into  a wide variety of designs  and patterns. This is a critical stage that is often overlooked by North American books.

Next, time is spent showing how to use a variety of different printmaking techniques such as monoprinting, blockprinting and collagraph.
Finally we are introduced to combining these techniques with hand and machine embroidery/stitching to create unique and beautiful art pieces.
I would definitely give this book "two thumbs up"!

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marny said...

Looking forward to our next cuppa!! See you soon!