Monday, February 4, 2013

Quilt Studio Tour

Last year I helped to organize a very popular guild event to raise funds for our workshop programme. Having spent a great deal of time during the previous 18 months designing and then renovating my own studio, I thought it would be a lot of fun to visit other quilters work spaces.

I thought that we are always curious about how other people use their creativity at work and given the huge popularity of home reno shows, it might be a fun time.

The committee chose 6 studios with a variety of spaces, some purpose built, some squeezed into spare rooms, basements and lofts. One quilter used three different rooms over two floors! We chose a long arm quilter, a mixed media artist, a business studio and more, it was fun taking the time to be part of poking around in our friends work places!

Daphne's studio showcases her journal quilts and small art pieces.

Lenny's studio is bright and full of windows looking out onto her beautiful garden.

Bette is showing us her custom built fabric storage drawers.

Sharon's studio takes full advantage of every square inch of space!

Laines' space downstairs is where she works on her painted and photographed pieces.

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