Thursday, June 27, 2013

Soy Wax Tips

This is the first in a series of tips for using Soy Wax on fabric. Today, it's Safety First!

Any wax, including soy, is flammable when allowed to heat to too high a temperature. Treat the technique with respect and ensure that the wax does not overheat. Use these safety tips for best results:
·         Use a dedicated  pan or wax pot that has thermostatic controls to regulate the temperature. Most slow cookers have too cool a setting to be useful and often their "high" setting is to hot!

·         Always turn off or unplug the appliance when leaving your work area.

·         Do not leave heated wax unattended at any time.

·         Never melt or use wax over an open flame or element. 

·         Do not leave your tools in the wax pot when not in use.  They can be damaged or broken.

·         Arrange your workspace with safety in mind. Do not overcrowd your work surface with unneeded items.

·         Situate your wax pot and electrical cords as close to the electrical outlets as possible. Do not place the cords where they could be walked or tripped over.

·         Be careful not to use tools that are wet, the wax will not adhere to the tool and may actually spit wax onto other surfaces.

Plan ahead for emergencies. There is always a slight possibility of an accident so know what to do when an emergency arises.

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