Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Cool Tools - Paint Markers

My friend Marny introduced these markers to me and after ordering them, they sat around in my dye room until this past weekend. They are called Molotow Empty Paint Markers and you can order them here from Dick Blick: http://www.dickblick.com/products/molotow-empty-markers/?clickTracking=true

They must be designed for graffiti artists as the label on the markers states: use marker for art, not vandalism! I'm an artist....some might say my work should be vandalized!
I think almost any paint or dye could be used, I think textile paints such as Jacquard would need to be diluted a bit. I used Dye Na Flow and did dilute it by about 50% but also used it full strength and it came through the felt tips just fine.
Filling the markers was a bit of a challenge at first, I didn't realize that not only the top needed to be removed but also the valve that controlled the flow. Once I had done that I used a cup to hold the marker still and carefully poured the paint into the reservoir. There are two glass ball bearings inside to keep the paint mixed.

I began by pinning my fabric to the paint table but found that it moved too much when using the marker, I needed to push down on the felt to open the valve and start the flow of paint. I solved this by ironing the fabric to freezer paper and pinning it all to my print table (the yellow blob on the centre-left was when I forgot to replace the value that controlled the flow!)

I loved the wide 60mm. marker, I could see making large swoops and circles with it. The narrower 15mm wedge was great for a variety of lines as well and the narrowest one at 2mm was perfect for lettering and finer detail.

So are these any different from other commercial fabric markers? Well, for one, you can custom mix your colours, so you aren't having to use just what the manufacturer  provides. You can also use a wide variety of products.....whatever can flow through the felt tips can be used, paint, dye, bleach or?? Finally, I do love the wider tips, they appeal to my inner graffiti artist and I promise not to vandalize anything but my own art!

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